UN Watch normally hires interns for the four periods below. To the right of each period is the corresponding deadline by which we must have received your application, and the date by which you can expect to hear back.

Dates of Internship Deadline for applying Date by which you will receive a response
January – April September 10th October 10th
May – June December 15th January 10th
June – August January 10th February 10th
September – December April 1st May 1st

We do accept applications for time periods other than those listed above e.g. February – July. Proposed dates, if not corresponding to the above slots, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please specify in your application the period for which you will be applying. Please also specify if your dates are flexible.

Interns work as unpaid volunteers at our headquarters in Geneva.

Requirements: minimum one year of college/university; excellent spoken and written English, including excellent English typing skills to quickly transcribe English speeches.