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Colorful Quote of the Day

29 March 2007

Everybody knows very well that the situation of human rights in the Netherlands is not ideal. Far from that, Netherlands is a shameful example where you see prostitution and trafficking of persons.

EVGENY LAZAREV,    Belarusian delegate to the UN in Geneva, responsing to a statement by the Dutch Ambassador to the UN on a series of human rights violations in that country

22 March 2007

It is a travesty that these violations occur under our very watch. The Human Rights Council cannot remain silent.

TEHMINA JANJUA,   Pakistani delegate to the UN in Geneva, speaking on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, referring to Israel's reputed sins against the Palestinians. The Human Rights Council has already passed 8 one-sided resolutions condemning Israel, and none condemning any other country. 

19 March 2007

The unilateral illegal boycott by the United States of America for more than four decades against the Cuban government is a serious form of violence against children […] which includes such cruel and surrealistic manifestations as depriving a Cuban child of receiving a digital camera—a Nikon camera—which was a prize given to him in a world competition for environmental drawings.

YURI ARIEL GALA LOPEZ,  Cuban delegate at the UN in Geneva, speaking at a special event dedicated to violence against children

16 March 2007

We witness a conspiracy against Sudan for political objectives.

MOHAMED ALI ELMARDI,  Minister of Justice of Sudan, responding to Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jody Williams' remarks that "war crimes and crimes against humanity continue across [Darfur]" and that the Government of Sudan in concert with the Janjaweed militias are waging a campaign against mostly civilians

15 March 2007

The Council should question why the representative of the apartheid regime of Israel is even among us [in this room]. 

MOHAMMAD ABU-KOASHI Palestinian representative to the UN in Geneva

14 March 2007

We are determined to remain free from colonial slave-masters for all time; [...] You want to recolonize the continent. Let me assure you that we will resist you [and your puppets].

PATRICK CHINAMASA, Minister of Justice of Zimbabwe, accusing the United Kingdom of sponsoring Zimbabwean opposition parties in order to take over the country

13 March 2007

[France] conveniently and deliberately chooses to turn a blind eye on the gross and systematic violations of rights of Moslems residing in the country.

SEYED HOSSEIN REZVANI, Iranian delegate to the Human Rights Council, in response to French Minister Azouz Begag's listing of Iran as one of the grave violators of human rights in the world

12 March 2007

Cuba, unlike Sweden, does not persecute migrants or carry out ethnic cleansing that only allows those whose skin and hair color fit with the racial patterns of former Viking conquerors to remain in the country.

RODOLFO REYES RODRIGUEZ, Cuban delegate to the Human Rights Council, in response to Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt's listing of Cuba as one of the pressing human rights situations around the world