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UN Watch Briefing

Issue 445

Latest from UN Watch:
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Why does Ken Roth keep blaming Egypt's crimes on Israel?

In his latest in a series of bizarre tweets over the past year, Human Rights Watch director Ken Roth tried to implicate Israel in the Egyptian army's gross human right abuses, asking "How many protesters must #Egypt govt kill before US suspends $1B+ of military aid? Israel treaty isn't only concern."

Roth's terse tweets about America's Egypt policy invariably seem to inject Israel:

  • "If Obama won't cut aid to #Egypt because of #Israel, he should say so instead of papering over major rights problems"
  • "US should cut military aid to #Egypt until democracy restored, not let Israel concerns stand in way."

While American policy on Egypt certainly does seek to preserve the latter's peace with Israel—and to prevent areas like the Sinai falling even further into the hands of chaos, Islamist terrorism, and regional warRoth's furious Twitter campaign to cast Israel, the Middle East's only liberal democracy, as somehow the primary obstacle to human rights and democracy in Egypt is nothing short of preposterous.

Coincidentally or not, George Soroswho recently donated $100 million to Ken Roth's organizationargued in a 2011 Washington Post op-ed about democracy in Egypt that "The main stumbling block is Israel."   

For moreand to see Ken Roth's responseclick here. 


Latest from UN Watch's "View from Geneva" Blog:

Swiss Government Sponsors Press Conference for Extremist Ideologue Noam Chomsky

President Obama may wish to ask the Swiss government why it sponsored a Geneva press conference on Friday by extremist anti-American ideologue Noam Chomsky, who, among many other terrible things, had famously argued that the Cambodian genocide of the 1970s never occurred; and that, if genocide did occur, it was the fault of America; and that if 9/11 was bad, America itself was ultimately responsible.

At last week's event, Chomsky attacked “neocolonialist” Israel and its American backers, and accused the American media of "hiding the truth from us.” Chomsky's talk virtually ignored the ongoing mass killings in Syria and Egypt.

There is no evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, said Chomsky, and if it does, the weapons would be "for defensive purposes only."

Chomsky's apologetics for terrorists and murderers, thanks to the unwitting contribution of Swiss taxpayers, were widely reported around the world, including in the Washington Post.


Annual ECOSOC Session Condemns Israel, Ignores Mass Killings in Syria, Egypt and Rest of World's Violations

July 19 - The UN’s Economic and Social Council today adopted a resolution on human rights and humanitarian law that mentioned Syria 15 times. Except that Syria’s government was nowhere mentioned or criticized. The resolution was against Israel.  Read More 


Scandal: Genocidal Sudan Chairs ECSOC Human Rights Session

Despite its president being indicted for racist genocide, Sudan chaired meetings at the annual session of ECOSOC, a top UN body that oversees human rights commissions. Israel was the only country condemned. Sudan's ongoing rape and killings in Darfur were completely ignored.  Read More


Top UN Watch tweets in July, as reposted by influential journalists and diplomats to their subscribers


Wow! That's almost entire UN rights council. “@OsloFF: Mugabe invites #Russia #Venezuela #China #Sudan #Cuba & #Iran to observe elections”

Now online: #Che Guevara's 1964 UN speech where he proudly admits executing people:  Sad: #UNESCO just honored him.

One year after suspicious death of top Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya, 125 world leaders & NGOs urge UN to investigate:

UN Watch salutes Samantha Power's forceful defense of basic principles at today's Senate Hearing. We look forward to working with you @USUN. 


Sick but true: #Iran seeks key post on UN #Disarmament council; #Syria in race for #HumanRights council. @Reuters

Dear @KenRoth I've just Storified your weird habit of trying to inject #Israel into your tweets on Egypt's abuses: 

Saudi gives man 7 yrs jail & 600 lashes 4 liberalism but it's joining the UN Human Rights Council 

Rising Senior Speaks Out for Human Rights | @SmithCollege Congratulations to recent @UNWatch intern @Melissa_Fares!

Mass murderer Bashar al-Assad now has an Instagram account, many photos of his Vogue star wife posing with kids

"@AP BREAKING: 1,000 inmates escape prison in Bengazi, Libya."
Omigod: the UN Human Rights Council just found 1,000 new candidates 2b Chair

Syria gasses Palestinian refugee camp, 22 dead. UN Palestine investigator Richard Falk is silent; can't blame Israel.

Samantha Power’s Nomination Hearing: Video & Transcript: Hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Dear @UN, This video reveals @UNRWA teaching kids "Isn't it true the Jews are the wolf?" Is this education for peace?

What is UN's top rights body now debating?
A. Syria Slaughter
B. Egypt coup
C. #Israel - in a "Peasants Rights" conf  

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